How to Get Snapchat Hot Dog Filter or How to Apply Dancing Hot Dog Filter?

Have you seen a new dancing hot dog in Snaps? It is one of the latest additions of filters in the new Snapchat updates. The new dancing hot dog filters is like the standard Snapcha filters which can detect he movement and shape of an object, surfaces to apply on and can be moved out of the way by real life objects. This new hot dog filter have taken the Social media by storm and everyone is talking about and some have already upload their creations. This is the beauty of Augmented reality technology which Snapchat has been making use in its filters for quite sometime.

The new Snapchat Hot Dog filter or dancing hot dog is a 3-D rendering or AR Filters, with a smiling face, green headphones and a bun as a jacket with ketchup and mustard sauce on its sausage.It can make an impressive dance moves or skills and also has the ability to respond to objects around.

How to get dancing Hot dog filter or apply hot dog filter

Before you can play a round with this new hot dog filter, you first have to update your Snapchat App to the latest Snapchat version. If you haven't done it, just go to your respective app store and update your Snapcha app. Hot dog filter works the same as other or normal filters, in the same way it trace or detects surface before it smashes various effects onto it and find surfaces to throw shapes on. Here's a step by step by guid eon how to apply this filter.

1. Let's assume that you have the latest version of Snapchat app installed on your phone or device.
2. Open your Snapchat as you normally do and go to the Camera screen or a selfie screen.

3. Hold your finger down or Tap on a face.
4. Now, the all the available Lens options will appear below in a circle.

5. Swipe left the options until you see a hot dog filter.
6. You can also flip the camera back, it works on both your camera.

7. You can make it smaller or bigger by pinching on the hot dog.

8. Once you are satisfied, just Tap on the capture button to take a Snap, or press and hold on the capture button to record a video.

Let's see some of the Hot Dog filter that are being shared around by some Snapchatters.

Snapchat hot dog walking down the stairs
Oh No! Save Him: Hot Dog dancing on the railway track and then.....

Break dancing hah! Dancing and flipping on the Table
Carried Away!
 Take him out!
 That's it on Snapchat new filter Dancing Hot Dog. What is your reaction to this new filter.

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