What does this 😁 emoji on Snapchat mean? Or Grimace emoji mean on Snapchat

To make Snapchat fun and interesting, Snapchat has added various friends emojis next to contact indicating different snap relationships. The Snapchat Friend Emojis are a fun way to learn a little more about friendships. These emojis keeps changing over time based on how one interact with others or with their friends.

Are you wondering what these emojis mean on Snapchat? These Emojis will appear next to your Snapchat contact names. Now let's see and check out the list of emoji meanings for SnapChat and what they mean.

Snapchat Friend Emojis Meaning

💛 Gold Heart - It means you are Best Friends.  Meaning you exchanged the most Snaps to this friend, and he or she send the most Snaps to you too.

 Red Heart - it means you have been each other's #1 Best Friend for past two weeks.

💕 Pink Hearts - it indicates that you have been each other's #1 Best Friend for the past 2 months.

😬 Grimace - it means you are sharing a Best Friend. Your Best Friend is also a Best Friend to that person.

😊 Smile - It indicates that he or she is your Best Friends. But it does not mean that he or she is your Best Friend. It basically mean that you send a lot of Snaps to.

😎 Sunglasses - also mean that you are sharing a Close Friend. One of your Best Friends is also one of this Snapchatter's Best Friends.

😏 Smirk - You are their Best Friend, but they are not your Best Friend. You just happen to be the one they send the most Snaps to, but they are not someone you send Snaps to the most.

🔥 Fire: This means you are on a Snapstreak. Thi appears next to the number of days that you and a friend have Snapped each other. If you and your friend don't both send a Snap within 24 hours, you will lose your Snapstreaks.

⌛️ Hourglass - This will appears next to someone’s name if your Snapstreak is going to be end soon. Send each other a Snap but not a Chat message to keep your streak going and alive.

👶 Baby - Your latest friend or you just became friends.

🎂 Birthday Cake - Indicating your friend's birthday . This emoji will appears next to your friend's name on the day of their birthday.

Customizing Your Friend Emojis

Snapchat gives you the options to change your friends Emojis as you like. However, you will only see these Emojis, meaning a private feature. To change Snapchat Friends Emojis, just follow the steps by steps instructions to customize the Friend Emojis.

1. Just Tap the Settings icon from the top right hand corner of your Snapchat Profile screen.
2. Tap on the ‘Manage’ under the ‘Additional Services’ section.
3. Now Tap on the ‘Friend Emojis’ section.
4. Finally Tap on the Friend Emoji you would like to change, then choose an emoji you would like to keep.

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