What does the Red Heart emoji on Snapchat mean and Two pink hearts?

Snapchat in its latest updates on August 5th, 2015 again added two new types of emoji- a  red heart and two pink hearts beside some of their friend’s names. This brings some confusion among the Snapchatters.

Some people are wondering why they are red heart, or seeing the yellow heart on their Snapchat next to some of their friends. This has added more complexity on the part of Snapchat. Some started tweeting about this latest update on twitter seeking for answers. Some thought that they may be some issues with certain accounts and started to speculate.

Well it has nothing to do with individual account or the snap streak. It is just the relationship stats. You may have been wondering what do these new snapchat hearts mean? Is a red heart emoji better or are the two pink hearts better? What happened to the yellow heart? Why do Snapchat change colors?

If you are wondering about what these new emojis mean, here we provide you what these new Snapchat emoji really mean. Check it out.

What does the Red Heart emoji mean on Snapchat?

Red Heart

Red Heart means you have been Best Friends for two consecutive weeks. This is different from the yellow heart which means Best Friends, but for less than two weeks straight. means you have been BFs for two weeks.  Pretty Awesome Right?

What does the Two Pink Hearts emoji mean on Snapchat?

Well, the Two Pink Hearts mean something special, its not like the other emojis– if you have the two pink hearts on Snapchat, it means you and your Best Friends have been your number best friends for two whole months or more. Cool, huh?  

This post was created on  August 2015 and was last updated on August 29, 2018.


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