How to use Snapchat lenses?

Snapchat in its September updates has upped the selfie game in a big way with its newest lenses feature, which detects the shape of your face and turns it into a kind of human emoji. Those puking rainbows, you’ve probably seen plastered over Facebook and other social networking sites, originate from the new update. There are three main additions in the update. Previously, you could replay snaps, although there were a restricted number available every single day. With the new update, you’ll be able to purchase more replays through in-app purchases. This is the latest installment in Snapchat’s attempts to monetize its application.
Unfortunately, the vomiting rainbow no longer exists, which means no more of this. If you've probably grown fond of the new Snapchat rainbow filter and disappointed over its abrupt disappearance. The good news is it may still come back according to some reports.

In the recent updates, Snapchat used lenses to allow users to add filters to their selfies before sending them. It is evident that many were disappointed that the rainbow filter disappeared owing to its popularity. Some even took to Twitter to express their sentiment. 

According to Business Insider a new lens rotates in every day. So if you're sick of everyone's rainbow selfies, you're in luck. It means that there is a chance that there’s a new lens every day and will probably have all kinds of new faces to play with every day! 

This new Snapchat updates adds support for Lenses, which according to Snapchat are a new special effects that track the location of your head and respond to facial movements like an open mouth or raised eyebrows. 

Is your phone supports Snapchat Lenses?

First of all, you need to make sure that you update your Snapchat application to the latest 9.15.1 version. Please note that all devices support the other two main new features, Snapchat lenses are exclusive to newer devices. For iOS, this means that if you have an iPhone 4s or lower, you’re out of luck, since the first supported device is the iPhone 5. 

On Android, the minimum requirement is Android Lollipop. Lenses are also not supported on some devices including older iPhones, iPod Touches, and many older Android devices. Also, recording video with Lenses is only supported on Android 5.0 or highe

How to use Snapchat lenses filters for selfies?

You need to make sure you update to the Snapchat update that arrived on September 15th. This will allow you to use the new Snapchat Lenses on iPhone and Android.

Snapchat lenses are fun to use, and make you face look crazy in selfies. So, of course you want to know!
First check out what Snapchat has to say about lenses.....

You can make Snaps even more fun by adding real-time special effects and sounds with Lenses! To use Lenses in Snapchat follow the steps below:
1.      Go to settings on your snapchat app home screen and turn "filters on."
2.      Go to the Camera screen in Snapchat, make sure your front facing-camera is active and switch to the Selfie camera. Now long press the screen on your face to load the lenses. You can scroll horizontally through them and for most you'll need to follow an instruction for it to work properly such as opening your mouth or raising your eyebrows. As mentioned earlier, the lenses depend on facial recognition, make sure that you are facing the forward-facing camera.
3.      Press and hold on your face! Lens options will appear below. Get your selfie face on. Yes, Snapchat's new lenses are available only for selfies.
4.      Swipe left to select the Lens you want to use. You can scroll horizontally among the available lenses.
5.      Follow any action prompts that appear, like ‘Raise Your Eyebrows.’
6.      Tap the capture button to take a Snap, or press and hold on the capture button to record a video.


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