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Snapchat Face Swap ~ How to use Snapchat Face Swap

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Frequently Snapchat app gets new lenses, but only few of them become very popular. One such lens is the Snapchat Face Swap lens that came out on 28 February,2016 (Friday). The latest lens -Face Swap is a two-person lens, the first one of its kind on Snapchat, and has been gaining great reviews on social media.

Of course, face swaps have terrified the internet for ages now, but Snapchat goes further as with other Lenses, the effects react to your movements, meaning you can make the above  thing (and any other creepy faceswap) look like it’s actually alive.  Face-swapping, in case you've some how managed to miss all the fun, is a simple digital switcheroo -- you take a picture of your face, select someone else's face, and go! They're swapped like magic. Sometimes the results are very impressive. More often, they're funny. Every so often, they're horrifying too. The horror usually comes from people trying to swap faces with animals or non-living objects, which also happens to be how the most amusing swaps occur. Your mileage may vary.

The feature is available as a new lens, which you can pull up by tapping and holding your face on camera, then scrolling over to the face swap lens. Basically what it does is just copy and paste faces. Except, the results are so much creepier than we would expect with such a simple concept. Seriously, even the most gorgeous people turn into two awful Franken-beasts in the eyes of this new filter.

However, many users are still are struggling with using the damn thing. We’ve put together a quick tutorial to help you face swapping.

How to use Snapchat Face Swap

Lets assume you have Snapchat and the latest version, to enjoy this new feature you need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version which is available on app market.

* First go to your snapchat filters using the front facing camera (top right).
* Swipe left through the filters till you get to the fifth one which is the Snapchat Face Swap filter.
* Next, inorder to have that extra face you will need to grab a friend or anything thing like you pet hat you *would like to swap faces with and align your faces into the round face holes provided.
* Now, launch the Snapchat app and tap twice on the camera screen for activating the front camera.
* Then tap and hold on your face until the new lenses come up. Browse through them and choose the Face Swap lens, denoted by two smiling faces and arrows.
* Now point the front camera at you with the second person beside you.
* Once the camera recognizes two faces, it will swap them automatically.
* Click on the Face Swap button to capture your magic moment (click once for photo, hold down for video) and send your snap to friends or add to your story as per usual.
* You can now snap a photo or shoot a small video clip.

Snapchat Face Swap not Working?

If you can’t get the Snapchat Face Swap lens or feature to work for you, it’s best to look at some things that you need to do.

First try the basic thing first. Hold your camera further away and looking straight ahead seems to work best. You may even want to use a selfie stick for as it’s really hard to get the proper distance and press the snap button at the same time. You can make Snaps even more fun by adding real-time special effects and sounds with Lenses!

Make sure that you have a partner or some object, this is important because Snapchat Face Sap works by facial recognition.

Your face should be on the exact yellow circle.

If Snapchat Face Swap still not working after following all the steps we provided, please make sure that you update your Snapchat App to the latest version.

Happy Face Swapping!

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  2. i cant use Snapchat face swap. Anyone please help

  3. still i cant do Snapchat face swap

  4. how to face swap on snapchat, i tried the above instructions still not showing up

  5. lenses work best on the latest version of Snapchat. If face swapping isn't showing up in your lens options, it may be because your app is out of date.

  6. Activate lenses, tap and hold your face until you see a sort of mesh form over your face. That's Snapchat mapping your face, and it's how the lenses look so realistic

  7. Snapchat face swap works scarry

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  12. It's super funny.

  13. yes snapchat face swap is superd

  14. Finally my snapchat face swap is working. Thanks

  15. Snapchat face swap not working

  16. now available in iOS.

  17. Finally snapchat face swap comes to ios.

  18. Scary snapchat feature, but loving it

  19. Please any video tutorial on how to use snapchat face swap

  20. Snapchat "face swap" is superb feature. I love this app for connecting with friends. It provides funny way to share photo and video with fellow.

  21. Thank you for great information.

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  22. Did Snapchat discontinue the face swap lense? Mine is. I longer present. I'm completely up to date, I tried to delete and reinstall but that didn't work either