How To Edit or Change Snapchat Friends Emojis

Snapchat in last September introduced new friend emojis replacing the Best Friends feature, a new way to highlight people with whom you interact the most on the video sharing app. As a result of this update, you will now find a different emojis displayed next to your BFF as well as a couple of strange symbols displayed next to your other contacts. Snapchat’s Friend Emojis let you know your friends in a better way on Snapchat. The Friends Emojis change according to your interaction with friends on Snapchat. In our previuos post we have shared the meanings of new Snapchat emojis and these are quite cool.

These emojis that appear next to a friend's username mean a variety of things, from who replayed our snaps to being best friends. The most popular one of course is the coveted snap streak and the ultimate goal of getting to the 100 symbol and beyond.

Do you ever think that these emojis can be changed to your liking? Yes you can, your snap flames could be a streak of aliens or pizzas and your best friends could be labelled by a middle finger. These emoji features on Snapchat are not exactly current news or breaking headlines, they are somewhat hidden to most users. With this quick guide you will now not only understand what all the random emojis next to various usernames mean, but have the ability to change them too.

At this moment, Friends emojis can't be turned off and customize them to your liking. See how you do this by following a short instructions below;
How To Edit Snapchat Friends Emojis

To Edit your Snapchat Friends Emojis follow the steps below;

1. Open your Snapchat app from your Device desktop.
2. Once opened, Proceed to Settings.
3. Then to Additional Services.
4. Go to Manage tap on it.
5. Under Manage just below Travel Mode tap Friends Emojis.

6. Now click on the tab of all the friend emoji options and explanations, it should allow you to click on each emoji and choose among all the emojis to change it to your liking.
7. If you decide to change or set to its original emojis, just scroll dwon to the very bottom of the "Friend Emojis" tab and tap Reset to default for all. That's it. Done.

This post was last updated on August 29, 2018.

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