Why Do Yellow Heart Emoji Disappeared on Snapchat? or the Red Heart Emoji Gone?

If you are on Snapchat, lets assume that you have that Yellow Heart emoji or Red Heart Emoji on your Snapchat homepage, which display next to your friend’s name. Actually, these emojis are based on your relationship with that person depending on how often you snap each other.

What Does the Yellow Heart emoji on Snapchat mean? You get this emoji display next to your friend’s name. It means that you are more than just a friend, and that person has been your Number 1 friends on Snapchat, you’re Best Friends.#1 Best Friends. That is when you get this Yellow Heart icon to show up next to that friend’s name.

Once you joined Snapchat and have been Snapping for quite some time, you will get these emojis. You get a Red Heart Emoji when you and one of your friends have been Best Friends for two weeks, then you get a Read Heart Emoji. or the Yellow Heart you had with that person will change into Red.

Why do the Yellow Heart Emoji Disappeared on Snapchat? or Why do the Red Heart Emoji Disappeared on Snapchat?

Please note that, these emojis are not permanent, at some point in time, these emojis might disappear as your snap relationship changes or wanes. So, if you notice Yellow Heart Emoji disappeared on Snapchat or Red Heart emoji disappeared on Snapchat it's not a glitch or sneaky backdoor update or anything. It just means that your Snapping behavior changed or you are making some progress. If you want to retain that Yellow Heart Emoji you have to consistently exchange snaps with that person to be best friends for the entire two weeks.

Snapchat has around 11 Friend Emojis mean and these changes over time, based on how you interact with your friends. You can check out our previous post on Snapchat Friends Emojis or Snaphat Emojis and Their Meaning. At this moment, Friends emojis can't be turned off and customize them to your liking, you can see our post on this here: How To Edit or Change Snapchat Friends Emojis


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