How to Block Someone on Snapchat or Remove Someone on Snapchat

Blocking is a new social media tool feature, meant to be used. People have different ways of dealing with pain and relationships problems. For some people, out-of-sight is out-of-mind and blocking perhaps serves the purpose. Blocking may effectively prevent people who can potentially harm you by sending you annoying Snaps from doing so.  Blocking also give people a sense of control, as if they are the ones doing the "break up."  It is an act done when people feel disrespected but feel powerless to win respect in some positive way.  In some cases you may take this action when you think someone isn't interested in you, you aren't matching the criteria of someone for acknowledging your  presence, someone else referred your name to others to put you in block list.
Tired of receiving Snaps from someone on your Snapchat contact list?  Whatever the reason may be, here's how to block someone on Snapchat.

How To Block someone on Snapchat

Removing or Deleting or Blocking someone on Snapchat is very simple process. Just follow the step by step we have provided below;

Blocking a Snapchatter from Added Me

To block a Snapchatter who added you follow the steps below.
1. Open the Snapchat app and Tap 'Added Me' on the Profile Screen.

2. Go to your list of friends and scroll down until you reach the username of the person you wish to block.
3. Tap once on their name, then tap the Gear icon next to their name.

4. Press 'Block' to prevent them from sending you Snaps, Chats, or from viewing your Stories.

Or press 'Delete' to remove them from your Friends.

Blocking a Snapchatter from My Friends

To block a Snapchatter who is your Friend follow the steps below.

1. Tap 'My Friends' on the Profile Screen.
2. Tap on their name.
3. Tap the  below their name and select 'Block' to prevent them from sending you Snaps, Chats, or from viewing your Stories.

Blocking a Snapchatter in Chat

To block a Snapchatter who chatted you follow the steps below.
1. Swipe left on the Snapchatter's name who chatted you to open the Chat screen.
2. Tap  Menu
3. Tap 'Block' to prevent them from sending you Snaps, Chats, or from viewing your Stories.

Unblock a Snapchatter from Snapchat

You can unblock a Snapchatter by following the steps below.
1. Tap  Gear icon on the upper-right corner of the Profile screen.
2. Tap 'Blocked' under the 'Account Actions' section at the bottom of the Settings screen.

3. You will see a list of the Snapchatters you have blocked. Tap 'X' next to their name to unblock them.

Hope this helps in blocking someone on Snapchat. Happy Snapping! If you have problems in blocking and deleting your Snapchat friends, please do let us in the comments below.

This post was originally posted on January 2016 and Updated on July 29, 2017.

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Let me block one of my annoying friend on snapchat. Thanks

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Haha, why not give a second chance!

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This helps me alot .i need to block some person in my snap chat.Thank you so much for sharing