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Snapchat 3D Stickers or Snapchat Video Emojis. Have you heard these? Well, these are the new cool features which Snapchat rolled out on Wednesday , April 13, 2016 to its Android users that brings a touch of augmented reality to video snaps. This new feature will allow users to stick an emoji or stickers onto moving objects in one’s videos or video snaps. However, iOS users will have to wait for some time to receive the update. This new feature of 3D Stickers promises to put augmented reality in the palm of your hand. With 3D Stickers, you can pin virtual objects to real objects in videos you make and have them stick on them no matter where they move.

How to use new Snapchat 3D Stickers or Snapchat Emoji videos

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First things first, to enjoy this new cool feature, you need to have the latest version of Snapchat version. If you haven't updated you app please do it now. In case if you (newbie) don't know jow to update your Snapchat App. Follow the steps by steps instructions below;

1. First, go to your device desktop head to the Google Play Store, open it.
2. Look for the menu, tap on it,  which is located at the top left hand side of the screen and select 'My Apps' or "Installed Apps"
3. Look for Snapchat, and tap Snapchat icon.
4. Now, simply tap on Upadates. Done.

Lets assumed that you are now running the latest version of the Snapchat application on your device. If you do then, it means you can now add Snapchat 2D Stickers or emoji stickers to your videos. These stickers or emojis can be pinned to anything in the video, and will move along with that object. The interesting part is that these Snapchat 3D Stickers or Snapchat Video emojis are resizable.

You want to try your hand on these new Snapchat 3D Stickers or Snapchat Video emojis? And not sure how to use it, we have got just the tutorial you need to use the 3D motion-tracking stickers here. The process for adding these stickers is wonderfully simple unlike Snapchat Lenses or Filters.

How To Use Snapchat Moving 3D Stickers Emoji In Videos

Here is the steps by steps instructions on how to add Snapchat 3D Stickers Emojis in videos
1. Like you normally do, Open the Snapchat App from your device desktop or screen.
2. Shoot the video that you want to add your 3D stickers to.
3. Once you are done with your filming or finish recording, the Snapchat emoji button in the top right corner of the screen to pick an image or stickers.
4. Choose the sticker you want or wish to use.
5. Now drag or move the sticker on top of the object you want it to move with in your video.
6. Hold down or long press on the sticker to “pin” it to the object or place at your desire spot on the video.
7. If you do it correctly, your sticker should now move along with the object in the video.

Update: The latest Snapchat updates on April 19, 2016 has added this feature, the ability to pin or add 3D Stickers or Emojis in videos.

How To Use Snapchat 3D Stickers Emoji on iPhone or iOS

Like we mentioned above, to have this feature work on your Snapchat, you need to have the latest version installed. Once you updated you Snapchat app, follow the steps below;

1. First Open your Snapchat App from your device desktop.
2. Like you normally do, Record a video.
3. Once your video shot is done, tap the icon at the top that looks like a folded sheet of paper to add an emoji.
4. To scale or rotate the emoji use pinch-and-zoom
5. Tap and hold the emoji you just added. Drag it on top of the thing you want the emoji to track or move along the object. If it is done correctly, the video will pause or stop on the current frame and Snapchat will calculate the tracking. If circle shows up, then everyting is done right. If it doesn't, something wrong.
6. Finally, let go. You are done. 

Thanks for visiting this site, watch out for more updates and Tips and Tricks on Snapchat app.

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I love this snapchat new 3D adds more fun to it!

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Interesting feature...learning how to add a perfect 3d stickers on snapchat videos

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I love this new feature. it adds more fun to videos